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Wrist exercises you can do at your desk

Your wrists can develop stiffness and weakness from either overuse or injury. Stretching your muscles and connective tissues can help alleviate pain, and improve mobility in your joints. This video demonstrates a few stretches and exercises that can be done at your home or office multiple times throughout the day or as needed.  This should not be used by people with serious joint damage or chronic inflammation.

Teaching Points

1.    Place your hands on a flat surface. Turn one palm over so that the fingers are directed towards your legs and back of the wrist is resting on the desk. With a loose elbow, gradually apply pressure and hold for between 10 and 30 seconds. This should be a pain free stretch, so avoid stretching too far or holding too long.

2.    With the back of the hand on the table, slightly spread the fingers of that hand and use your other hand to pull and wiggle each finger.  

3.    After wiggling each finger, slowly open and close that hand as far as you’re able two to three times.

4.    Using the free hand, place a tennis ball into the palm of the other hand and squeeze the ball for three to five seconds, and slowly release.


·         Use a wall to apply pressure rather than the desk.

·         Perform on all fours so that your fingers point to your knees

Do these two to three times on each side, and try to do this stretch every hour. After a few weeks of doing this multiple times a day, you’ll notice improvement in your wrist’s flexibility. Remember that stretching is an important part of any healthy routine and even your wrists can benefit from the increased circulation, movement and mobility. 

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