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Worth the trek: Liberty on the Lake

Lakel (LAY-kull) – noun. Orig. unkn. – 1. Being a person (or animal) who loves being at the lake, specifically, Lake Murray.  2. One who lives as if he or she were always at the lake, e.g. wearing flip flops everywhere one goes, etc. (ex. – My family is a bunch of Lakels.)

So if you couldn’t already tell, my husband and his family (and now me!!) are big-time Lakels. We LOVE spending time at the lake. And while one of the biggest appeals of the family lake shack is the “no shirt, no shoes, no problem” mentality, occasionally it’s nice to put on some pants (or at least a bathing suit cover up) and head across the lake to let someone else grill our dinner.

lake murray 2

Every now and then – usually for a special occasion, like my birthday, or even just date night – Bri and I hop on the pontoon and make the 45-minute trek to a restaurant like Liberty on the Lake.

Unlike its landlocked counterpart downtown, Liberty on the Lake boasts a gorgeous view of the sunset pretty much every night. This is the million dollar view right here. The beautiful colors in both sky and water. Positively breathtaking.

lake murray 3

The Seared Ahi Tuna appetizer

So over the weekend, we packed a cooler and headed across Lake Murray for a nice little date night. To catch the sunset just right, you kind of have to arrive right in the middle of prime dinner time. But if you can find a place to squeeze in at the bar, you’ll have one of the best views of Lake Murray in its finery. Pinks, oranges, yellows, purples and blues that never seem to make their appearance, except at the open and close of each day.

We arrived just in time to watch the sun go down while having an ice-cold drink, and then we were ready to order.

For some reason I seem to lose my mind (and self-discipline) when I’m at the lake. Which is probably why I allowed myself to be talked into ordering the Blue Cheese Chips (let’s be honest, though, there wasn’t a whole lot of arm-twisting going on here…). You. Guys. These are so fantastic! House-made chips, covered in blue cheese crumbles and blue cheese SAUCE (and you know I love cheese…), sprinkled with a few green onions for extra flavor and crunch. Oh. My. Word. I’m pretty sure this massive dish lasted us all of about 2 minutes, they were so good!

Bri's Chicken Wings

Bri’s Chicken Wings

And believe it or not, we were still a little hungry after all of that, so we each ordered an appetizer. Brian is obsessed with wings, so he ordered some of those. I am not so much of a wing-connoisseur, but I did give one a try and it was delicious! I ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna appetizer, which was also fantastic. It comes drizzled and dotted with sriracha and wasabi aioli, alongside a slightly spicy soy ginger sauce. Liberty also used to serve this Ahi Tuna on its fabulous Asian Salad, which was SO good that it was actually worth ordering a salad for dinner (’cause come on…who ACTUALLY likes salad?).

When we were done with dinner, we headed back across the water to the lake house. Somebody fell asleep on the way back because she was so content… (I’ll give you a hint: it was me…)

By Lindsay Harmon, ColaTownTourist

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