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Wilson Honored by Physical Therapists Association

Rep. Joe Wilson says he knows how important access to a good physical therapist can be. The congressman, who tries to walk at least 12,000 steps per day, recently suffered a stretched tendon in his foot. “I know firsthand what physical therapists can do to help people have fulfilling and meaningful lives.”

Wilson received the Legislator of the Year award Thursday from the South Carolina Physical Therapists Association (SCAPTA). Rachel Grubb, a therapist at Research Physical Therapy Specialists and federal affairs liaison for the SCAPTA, presented Wilson with the award and led him on a tour of the Research Physical Therapy Specialists offices on Colonial Drive in Columbia.

“He’s been very supportive over the last several years in helping his constituents get access to the physical therapy they need,” Grubb said of Wilson. Wilson co-sponsored a bill providing exceptions to a cap placed on how much physical therapy is covered by insurance each year.

“What I’m concerned about is where government regulation can be inadvertently denying them services or delaying their services,” Wilson said. “The nightmare of Obamacare has been regulation.”

“I’m consistent,” the congressman continued. “I’m for locally controlled schools. I’m for direct doctor-patient relationships without intervention.”

The cap exception law allows patients to continue being covered for care beyond the annual cap if an injury requires more treatment than anticipated or if they suffer more than one injury in a year. Grubb said such circumstances are not uncommon, especially with older patients.

“Again with my personal experience, it took time,” Wilson said. “I’ve learned firsthand that it’s not quick, but it’s so rewarding to finally have the pain relieved and eliminated.”

Grubb said this was the first time the SCAPTA has given an award to a legislator.

Pictured: Rachel Grubb presents Rep. Joe Wilson with the award as other employees of Research Physical Therapy Specialists watch (photo by Allen Wallace)



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