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What’s Next Midlands invites residents to “join the movement”

“What can you do?”

That’s the question that was asked repeatedly throughout the What’s Next Midlands open chat Wednesday night.  The social hour took place at Woodforest National Bank’s Community Development and Education Center on North Main Street in Columbia.

The event was open to neighboring residents who were interested in learning how to contribute to the growth and community-based needs of “the 29203 zip code.”

What’s Next Midlands was created two years ago to provide a platform for Midlands residents to present ideas they believe would better the community.

Team member Laura Ros stated during the event that What’s Next Midlands could be described as “an idea,” one that “works to inspire community action.”

A few recent changes around the Midlands area are actually contributions by What’s Next Midlands, including the public recycling expansion on select street corners and the family friendly pop-up drive in movie theater series held at the Cayce Motor Speedway. What’s Next Midlands currently is at work pushing for other events that are requested through their online platform.

Greg Hilton, a passionate What’s Next Midlands team member, summarized the idea behind What’s Next Midlands: “When you mix ideas, capital, and people who genuinely care, cool stuff happens.”

Hilton explained their goal is to provide Columbia and its surrounding areas with more fun, interactive events and useful community actions. He stated the people in the area “cannot just sit and wait for the government to do everything.”

“If it feels progressive,” said Hilton, “put your money where your mouth is and join the movement.”

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