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What Typical Articles About College Don’t Tell You

I always thought that my first year of college would be this magical, fairly easy time in my life where I would make hundreds of new friends, discover new interests I never knew existed, and begin working towards the desired career I was supposed to discover also during this time. I thought that the first year of college would be filled with more good times than bad, that everything would just fall into place. I was very wrong and fell flat on my face because of this mentality.

Most college students do not write about the harsh truth or downfalls of college; probably because they do not want to scare new students. But are we doing new students a favor by not warning them of the challenges and struggles they will face? I wish someone had told me even a third of what I would face beforehand. I wish I had read an article warning me of the trials ahead so I felt better prepared.

Therefore, here are the majority of issues, situations, and struggles that a new student will face during their time in college. The list is not in any order or ranking.


You will not always get along with your roommate.

Not everyone has a glorious experience with his or her first year roommate. And even if you become best friends during the duration of the year or were friends before moving in, you will experience hardships. Someone will be moody some day and say things they should not. Someone will not be as clean as the other would prefer. One of you might be more passive aggressive than the other which will cause tension from time to time. The best part is that this is all normal. In fact, there is no absolute rule that you must become best friends with your roommate. Just try to survive and learn to communicate.


Making friends will not happen overnight.

It was always said that you would meet your best friends in college. While that may be true, it will not happen overnight or even in the first few weeks. Building new relationships takes time, trial and error. Most likely, your first friends will not be your friends till the very end, and that is okay. Stay patient and do not settle for just any friend. It is better to have one great friend, then several fake friends.


You will fail. A whole lot.

College is designed to make you fail from time to time and the reason is because if you do not fail, you do not learn either key lessons or life skills. If we succeeded in everything we did in life, it would be oh so very boring. When you screw up, make a mistake, or do not get what you want, learn from it and move on. Remember this is not your first failure, or your last, so try not to tear yourself down.


Do not rush your college career.

Some students believe they must take on a ridiculous amount of class hours right off the gate because they want to not fall behind or want to get ahead. This is the absolute worst thing you could do. While it is not wise to take too few hours, do not overload yourself until you have established yourself in college and know your study needs. Remember you have four years to complete college, even more time if necessary, so take it slow and do your best.


Life is a journey, especially in college, so take it day-by-day, class by class, life lesson by life lesson. Enjoy watching yourself change and develop. And most importantly, never be afraid to ask for help.

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