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Wells Fargo Donates $50,000 to Continue Midlands Flood Recovery Efforts

Wells Fargo today presented United Way of the Midlands with a donation of $50,000 to continue to repair and rebuild Midlands homes damaged in the October 2015 flood. 

“We’ve always been able to count on Wells Fargo to help our community in times of need,” said Mac Bennett, President and CEO of United Way. “We appreciate the leadership role that they have taken on through their continued support helping families recover from the flood. We can’t thank them enough for their generous support.”

While the one-year anniversary of the October flood is approaching, many people are still in need of assistance with repairing and rebuilding their homes. The Midlands Flood Recovery Group, led by United Way, has helped repair and rebuild 52 homes in the Midlands and is in the process of repairing 22 more, but the need is still great. There are 754 homeowners on the waitlist in Richland County alone.

“We are pleased to support the United Way of Midlands in its efforts to assist the storm victims in their recovery,” said Wells Fargo Midlands Market President Holt Chetwood. “Much has been accomplished in less than a year, but there is still more work to be done. One of our goals at Wells Fargo is to make a positive difference in our communities, and we greatly appreciate the hard work of service providers and volunteers who make this work possible.” 

“Wells Fargo has a long tradition of providing local responses to communities in need, and we hope this donation will help provide relief to those impacted by the flood,” said Wells Fargo South Carolina Region President Kathy Heffley. “We know that helping families and individuals in need will only strengthen our neighborhoods and restore the quality of life for everyone.” 

If you or someone you know has unmet needs due to the flood or storm damage, contact 2-1-1 to be linked to disaster case management services.

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