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Soda City Market is the place where dozens of vendors come out every Saturday morning to sell what they consider their finest, and most authentic goods. Soda City begins at 9 am on Main Street, giving vendors and their customers an opportunity to interact until 1 pm.

At Soda City, customers have a variety of local products to choose from. The options range from fresh produce, to paintings, pottery, and even hand-crafted jewelry.

Many vendors chose Soda City because they feel as though they can have a more authentic interaction with customers. They enjoy physically seeing who is purchasing their merchandise, and building relationships.

Julie Martin, from Martin Arts and Crafts believes that Soda City is a great place for her and her husband to sell their hand-crafted products. She stated “This is a huge market with a lot of vendors, and a lot of traffic. We’ve been here since August, and we love it!”

Martin and her husband diligently craft every item in the collection they sell. She creates all of the jewelry, and he constructs all of the wooden products.

The Martins are two of the many vendors who use the Soda City Market as an opportunity for their passion to reach and inspire the community around them.

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