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We March Today, We Rise Up Tomorrow

Democracy is delicate and precious, much like a small fire in a storm. It must be protected and nurtured from the lashing winds and rain bearing down. Our beautiful, messy and grand experiment – America’s democratic republic – needs shelter from the coming storm lest we lose sight of our principles and collective memory retreats to the pages of history books.

We owe it to those who suffered beatings, imprisonment, ostracism and ridicule to achieve the milestone rights that we, as women, hold dear. They endured the loss of their “unalienable Rights”: their Life, their Liberty and the pursuit of their Happiness.

In the months leading up to the election, and in the days following the inauguration, I have witnessed the crass and unabashed remarks about women by candidate Trump and his supporters enabling him. I have witnessed strategic attacks on women’s access to reproductive health sweep through state legislatures after candidate Trump stated that women should be punished for receiving an abortion. I have witnessed his vows to remove environmental regulations to the detriment of our natural resources, deny climate change, gag our governmental agencies, nominate cabinet candidates who are the antithesis of the agency they are to supervise, and direct federal agents to conduct a voter fraud witch hunt as a vehicle to justify voter suppression. 

From his bully pulpit, our President devalues and decries public figures, private citizens, organizations, government agencies – even entire countries – and anyone who speaks counter to the narrative that he wants delivered.  But our eyes are open, and we can no longer witness the threats to the hard-fought victories of our Sisters. Today, we march on DC and around the country. Tomorrow, we march home to work to safeguard our rights. Today, we act. Tomorrow, we rise up.

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