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Use your voice as a proactive measure rather than an emotional reaction

The confusion and frustration surrounding this year’s general election isn’t a new phenomenon. It could be argued that this cycle has been the most divisive in the 21st century, but most have recognized the mounting emotions with each passing inauguration.  There are many proposed theories for the confusion and anger, including individual confirmation bias, political corruption and socioeconomic division. Regardless of the cause, we are now in a new political season and many are searching for ways to regain composure and contribute to the betterment of our state and nation.

So what is the solution to making it through another term intact? Whether you are a fan of your representatives or think they are trying to ruin your life, we must learn to be proactive. It’s up to you and your neighbors to stand up for what is right and fair with facts and dignity.

Take the time to get to know your local representatives, your neighbors, those in office. Go to your council meetings, talk with people and start making waves from the ground up. When it comes to those who represent us in D.C., look up your representative on the state and national levels and write them, email them and send messages via social media. Most of the representative have some form of social media. Representatives and Senators are elected to listen to us and they will listen if we approach them appropriately and with tact.

It’s not up to our politicians alone to make change. This is our country and they represent us. They are supposed to work for us and showcase our voice for our country. If that isn’t happening, that’s when it’s up to someone else to transition into office and make a difference.

Of the Richland and Lexington County races, only 17 out of 42 seats were contested on November 8th. That means MANY seats were available for citizens with fresh and innovative ideas to throw their hat in the ring.

That leads us to a call for action:  Do you care about education? School board may be for you. Are you passionate about the town you live? City council could be your calling. If it’s not you, then you most likely know someone who would be perfect to voice the opinion of the people and lead the way in change.

If you don’t like what’s happening in your town, your city and your state, the least productive thing you can do is point fingers and shout vulgarities. Positive change comes when we the people notice the corruption and chaos and speak truth in volumes. It’s not going to happen by shouting memes or blasting our anger on social media. It takes us, the community, to use our voice for positive change. We need to be one community full of many voices coming together.

Contact your State representative here: www.scstatehouse.gov/house.php or www.scstatehouse.gov/senate.php. Contact your local municipality here: www.masc.sc.

For more information, refer to our Local Politics page for local candidate listings, upcoming events and helpful resources.

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