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Look out USC students, teachers, alumni, and all the rest of the Columbia community: there’s a new show in town!

The University of South Carolina’s student media organization SGTV (Student Gamecock Television) organization’s newest series, Undergrads, makes its debut Sunday, Oct. 15. This series is one you don’t want to miss out on! The show is centered around a bunch of college students and tells the story of what it’s like to be an undergrad.

Midlands Anchor reporter Grace DuBose had the privilege of interviewing the cast and crew of this new exciting project coming to SGTV and was able to get all the details and scoop on what it’s like on set! 

As an alumna of USC and SGTV, I was thrilled to get to go back and relive my time at SGTV and get the chance to see my friends!  I was a reporter for SGTV while in undergrad and had the best experience with the organization. I was able to learn so much about reporting, film and what it’s like to work with a group of hardworking people who share my interests. Having done most of the host and reporting work for the station, and not as much on the film side, I was excited to be able to check out the film process and see what all it takes to make a TV show happen.

The second I arrived on set, I immediately felt comfortable. The cast and crew were on break at that time and were on the couches mingling and watching TV. A furry friend along with friendly smiles from the cast welcomed me! A few minutes after arriving it was time for the students to get back to work. In between takes I was able to interview some of the cast and crew about their experience from the very beginning, auditions up till now and here were their responses:

Holly Ciampaglio, co-producer: “The creator of the show, C. Burdell FitzGerald, asked me to co-produce the show last fall, knowing that I had experience in leadership roles with past SGTV productions. We began the casting process and it took longer than expected. We had around 40 people audition with only 8 roles to fill! So far it has been a lot of work producing , but I look forward to our weekly filming days on Sunday with a great group of people.”

Sally Wardlaw, actress: “This is my first year with SGTV and doing film, I’ve only done on stage acting. I play Jennifer, a sorority girl who is determined to go against the ‘typical’ stereotype. My character and I are similar when it comes to our roles in our friend groups. I would say I’m described as the mom of the friend group, and so is Jennifer. So far I’m enjoying it, and I look forward to filming every week!”

Zack Spencer, crew: “It has been a new experience for me, working with such a big crew. I have never done lighting before, and it’s fun to learn the aspects of film and all the different parts! It’s cool to see how everything works together when producing a film.

Will Ramirez, crew:  “I am learning a lot and it’s a plus to be working with such fun actors! Working long days is a downfall but it’s worth it!”

After being able to experience a day on set, I was not only able to learn a lot from the cast and crew but also able to feel like a part of the filming. It got me even more excited to see this new show, and definitely made me want to relive my time as an Undergrad!  If the show is anything like the cast, it will be playful, fun, and guaranteed good laughs. Watch for the first episode of Undergrads premiering Sunday on SGTV’s YouTube page and Facebook page.

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