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Ultimate ‘What to Wear’ Guide for Summer

One could argue that what you wear to a photo session really doesn’t matter. And it would be hard to argue with them. You see when you are on social media and are admiring your friends recent family photos, you are probably attracted to them for more than just how great the photos look.

There is always so much that goes into a session. One of the key elements that is the “glue” for those photos looking so put together, is that their photographer discussed with them what they should wear.

If you were my client, we would be texting back and forth several times. You would be out and about looking for outfits and making sure it all went well together.

A common misconception, when gathering your outfits for the session, is that you all should wear the same color and all be in blue jeans. While this is not a bad idea, a better approach may be to mix and match solid colors for the girls with a pattern on the guys. You will find that if you looked at the first concept vs the second approach, the eye would be drawn to the second look.

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