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Tyler Matthews Follows Passion Off the Beaten Path

Some people choose a major, graduate from college, begin a career, and stick with it until time to retire. For others, like Tyler Matthews, the road is not so straight.

Matthews, owner of Tyler Digital, graduated from Clemson with a degree in finance and with every intention of pursuing a career in business. Now, he has become a filmmaker, podcast producer, website and music maker, and as he puts it, a digital Swiss army knife.

The beginnings of a career in finance never felt like the right fit for Tyler, and his creative side was calling. Turning that interest in the arts into a career was not an easy task, however. “I had to give myself projects because I didn’t study this in school,” he said. “I was a business student.”

Tyler pushed himself into creative fields by starting as a volunteer, making connections online through SoundCloud and other forums as well as in person, and learning his craft. Those efforts often included spending time learning from younger people, and overcoming any awkwardness he felt in such positions.

Tyler sat down with Tia Williams to talk about following his passion, life as an artist, his work, and the state of the arts community in the Midlands.

We're talking about artists in the Midlands. Specifically how Tyler Matthews made the plunge from finance to media production. Intrigued yet?

Posted by Midlands Anchor on Thursday, May 26, 2016

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