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Trahern easelcathedral Paints the Town!

Locals gearing up for the Total Solar Eclipse and guests coming into town for our vantage point have a live brochure awaiting them, guiding them to see the town as artist Trahern Cook paints it.

Cook’s vibrant work, depicting some of the Capital City’s most recognizable landmarks (and some you may want to find on your own,) goes on view at Michael’s on Main as part of August First Thursday’s night on the town.

The band Flat Out Strangers was the subject of one of Cook’s paintings for this exhibition. The gypsy jazz musicians will be performing at Michael’s the night Crook’s show opens, so it’s both a music and art opening.

The artist, known as easelcathedral on Instagram, sets up all around town and draws energy from passersby who want to sneak a peek at what he’s working on. No wonder he describes his painting as experiential.

“I’m a storyteller, capturing life moving all around me…plays like a song. Those who find me painting at a given time – it’s where we are and we’re sharing the air and laughter, sunlight and shade that single moment and place. But yet, there is no single moment. We are constantly in motion, and so it is soulful when my art can reflect that.”

Reference tags accompanying Cook’s works of art in this show will provide a concise little history lesson to help newcomers get to know Columbia before the eclipse overshadows us all.

Michael’s Café and Catering is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. See Cook’s work at no charge (drinks and meals, from the menu).

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