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Town Theatre reels us in again with ‘Big Fish’

Fans of comedy, fantasy, and family drama unite over one shared love: the Tim Burton film Big Fish.  And for the past two weeks, Columbia-based fans have been treated to something spectacular: Big Fish: The Musical.

Combining humor, joyful music, and a familiar storyline, the Town Theatre’s production of Big Fish is now in its final week of performances.  As a huge fan of the film by Tim Burton, I was more than excited to be able to see it in a new way.

I know what you’re thinking – a musical?!  But I can assure you: the script is well written, and the Town Theatre’s talented cast handles the music divinely, adding an entertaining twist to the beloved story.  In fact, check out our sneak peek interview with two of the cast’s leading members here.

The set at the Town Theatre is stunning and full of color, and one can’t help but to admire the attention to detail.  It is especially noticeable during the musical numbers: the actors’ costumes, the scenery, and the backdrops all brilliantly complement one another.

The play itself is full of dry humor–if you like puns, you’ll love Big Fish: The Musical.  The performances are on par with Town Theatre’s reputation: impeccably crafted by seasoned theatre vets.  I got chills as the lead roles sang solos with an incredible range of notes that wowed the audience. Anyone who has ever been to a really good production knows the feeling that comes over the whole crowd: an awed, hushed silence, a brief but excitable pause, and then the screaming applause.

In Big Fish: The Musical, Town Theatre’s actors perform seamlessly, as if they aren’t performers but the actual characters themselves, walking around on stage with one another. There were times when you could feel the emotions in the room–well, I won’t ruin the end for you, but, it is intense.  I cried at the movie, and I must admit, I cried at the Town’s production, too.

And let’s be frank: I’m a millennial, which means I usually can’t sit still for a long time.  Throughout the play I never looked at my phone or watch once, which must be a new record for theatre-goers of my generation.

Big thanks, no pun intended, to the incredible staff and performers for a great experience.  Whether or not you enjoyed the Tim Burton film, I encourage everyone to see this beautiful story yourself at Columbia’s historic Town Theatre.  It is masterfully told by a cast of immeasurable talent, and it will leave a lasting impression on you long after the music ends.

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