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Third Eye Blind at Music Farm: A Young Fan’s Perspective

The Third Eye Blind concert at Music Farm Columbia on Oct 27th was something special for fans. The crowd was a mix of different aged fans, some who remembered when the band released its first album 20 years ago, some who had  been raised on their music, and some who were too young to remember the band’s rise to fame. The event left different impressions on fans; for example, one local concert-goer said he enjoyed the band’s “vibe on stage” and stated they “inspire me to be a better musician.”

On stage, the band members admitted the concert was something special for them as well–because they usually perform at much larger venues, they loved the more intimate setting of Music Farm, where they were able to see the faces of everyone in the crowd.

Lead singer Stephan Jenkins may have impressed fans with his drum solo and his tambourine skills, but he also demonstrated the power of live music in other ways. During the show, he asked audience members to turn to those next to them and tell them, “I’m glad you’re here tonight.” It was a refreshing twist on the typical rock concert experience, and it gave the small setting an even greater sense of community.
Guitarist Kryz Reid posted a set list on his Instagram account before the show, and the band followed that closely. Starting with “Losing a Whole Year,” Third Eye Blind treated the crowd to a mix of their greatest hits such as “Jumper” and “Semi Charmed Life,” as well as some rarer tracks such as “Red Star” and an acoustic version of “Motorcycle Drive-By.” They strayed from the set list to play an acoustic set of “Mine,” and triumphantly closed the show with “Never Let You Go” and “God of Wine.”
At the end of the concert, Jenkins thanked the crowd for keeping their music alive for two decades. For many fans, Friday night was a way to revisit the soundtrack of their childhood.
More information about Third Eye Blind, including upcoming live performance dates, can be found here.

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