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The Stamping Place

Entering the Stamping Place, I was amazed and a little overwhelmed with all of the rubber stamps, stickers, paper products and markers that are regularly used in “scrapbooking”.

However, owner and manager, Barbara Diamond, offered such apotheekwinkel24 enthusiasm and knowledge that my first scrapbooking experience was quite enjoyable.

I was not only greeted with a smile and the greatest southern hospitality from Barbara and Judy (Barbara’s long-time friend and associate), but was welcomed warmly from the scrapbook-loving customers as well.

While conducting this interview I received a tour of the two-story store. As every tool, paper and stamp was explained to me, I quickly realized I was missing out on a whole new world!

When opening in 1994, Barbara never expected the once little rubber stamp store to become one of the most popular and predominant scrapbook stores in the Midlands. Taking a big risk, Barbara knew that eventually rubber stamps and scrapbooking would merge to become one big commodity.  Currently, The Stamping Place is the last major stand-alone scrapbooking venue. This is perhaps because it’s not just a store; it’s a community.

“When I walked through the door I felt like family” – customer, Jackie Price

What sets The Stamping Place apart is that they would rather prevent a customer from buying a product that they will never use, than making a sell. The staff frequently offers demonstrations and tutorials in order to allow the customer the best information prior to investing in their next crafty item.

For those, like me, who are interested in the trade but are unsure where to start, the store offers classes ranging from one-on-one to beginner and advance classes.  They also offer regular “Scramp-A-Thons” for those who simply crave a laid-back, fun community in which to enjoy the hobby.

You can find The Stamping Place located at 153 Dreher Road West Columbia, SC 29169.






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