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The Fun Continues at Cayce Field Days

Cayce Memorial Park was filled with laughing children this morning as they enjoyed themselves at the fourth Saturday of Cayce Field Days. The fun began at 10 a.m. giving everyone enough time to hydrate themselves with ice water before the relay race began.

The children were divided into teams and they competed with one another through each station for the title of first place. They tossed bean bags, bounced on bouncy balls, threw Frisbees, and even jumped over hula hoops in an attempt to win.


But, the relay race was not the only thrilling activity they were able to participate in to get their hearts pumping. There were tennis matches, playground activities, face painting, tie dying, and rock hunting.

The most important part of Cayce Field Days to co-founder Bryan Moore is giving children an opportunity to get outdoors and stay fit. He stated “There is a need in the community for keeping kids active when they are not in school.”

Moore mentioned that with the support of Mayor Partin, donators, and the community, Cayce Field Days has been extremely successful. “35 kids was the lowest week we had, and the highest week there were 70 kids.”








Today was the last day for everyone to enjoy the recreational fun provided by Cayce Field Days for the month of June.

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