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The 150th Anniversary of the Burning of Lexington Arrives

January and February 2015 mark the 150th anniversary of the Army of General William Sherman’s march through the state of South Carolina. Sherman’s left wing and cavalry under the command of General Judson Kilpatrick came through Lexington County, burning many structures in the town of Lexington Courthouse (modern-day Lexington).

To commemorate that pivotal march, area museums and libraries are hosting events, presentations, exhibits, and performances. The Lexington County Museum is hosting several presentations and events as well. The first event will feature Museum director J.R. Fennell giving a presentation at the Lexington County Main Library on Tuesday February 10th at 6:30 pm.

This free presentation will focus on the history of Lexington County during the Civil War and will feature discussions of firsthand accounts of Sherman’s March and the war.

On Wednesday February 11th at 6:30 pm, the museum will host Louise Riley, local historian and author of Sherman’s Army Marches into South Carolina and Lexington County, who will discuss the events surrounding Sherman’s army invading Lexington County and the momentous changes it caused. Her presentation will feature many primary sources including photographs and maps from the period.

Finally the museum will be producing an exhibit that will be on display at the Lexington County Main Library starting the first week of February. This exhibit will feature some of the museum’s artifacts that relate to the Civil War in Lexington County, including letters and a work of folk art produced by a prisoner of war from Lexington County.

To learn more about these events call the museum at 803-359-8369 or check out http://burningofcolumbia.com.

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