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Thanksgiving on Pause for Jazz

Maybe they left turkeys on slow-roast, but the number of people who postponed Thanksgiving chores and came downtown pre-holiday to hear Dick Goodwin’s quartet further solidified Main Street Public House’s (MSPH) reputation as The live jazz place to be on Wednesday nights in the Capital City.

A growing contingent of jazz lovers is playing solidly into the able hands of trumpeter Mark Rapp who leads this morphing movement known as ColaJazz. “We have a deep pool of very talented musicians around here. Just since MSPH opened late summer, this Wednesday night series already has showcased some of the area’s top jazz performers,” Rapp said, “and here we are tonight with Dick Goodwin, who has been holding down the jazz scene since the ‘70s.”

For Dick Goodwin, the invitation coincided with Dwight Spencer’s return to town from Virginia’s Liberty University, where the guitarist teaches. “Dwight’s in town” was a chance to pull together a quartet from the long-standing quintet.

Goodwin has cultivated a very effective e-list of people who love to hear any configuration of the group play, when and wherever, and his personal invitation drew many to 1556 Main Wednesday night for a three-hour concert. Besides Goodwin and Spencer, the group – whose harmonies blended together again with the ease usually associated with sliding into well-worn bedroom shoes – included Jim Hall on drums and Terry Trentham on bass.

Rapp, who coordinates jazz performances around town, noted: “People are taking notice that Columbia’s culture is growing and developing around here, elevating our scene and audiences, and creating more venues for people to play and hear jazz.” He encouraged followers to check the ColaJazz Facebook page for upcoming performances throughout the Midlands.


ColaJazz Wednesday Night Artist Series has an amazing lineup on Wednesday nights from 8p-11p. Please find their events here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/colajazz/events/

NOV 30: Zach Bingham

DEC 7: Vincent Chandler

DEC 14: The True-Blue Trio feat. Margaret Ward Knight

DEC 21: Jay Ware Quartet

DEC 28: JMichael Peeples pre-New Years Celebration

The Main Street Public House menu features refined casual dishes and pizza made in-house from fresh, seasonal, and, when possible, local ingredients. It is located at 1556 Main Street in Columbia.

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Contributed by Rachel Haynie of Palmetto Artifacts

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