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Midlands Anchor, Palmetto Artifacts and USC Present Ten Artists, Ten Days Campaign

Midlands Anchor, Palmetto Artifacts and USC MGMT Class 479 Present Ten Artists, Ten Days Campaign

As part of a grass-roots campaign to increase awareness and support of local artists, Midlands Anchor, Rachel Haynie of Palmetto Artifacts, and students from USC’s MGMT 479 class have teamed up to present this 10 day campaign of distinguished Midlands artists. Read more here. We hope you enjoy!


March 17th, Day One: Christian Thee

We are kicking off our 10 artists, 10 days “arts blitz” with Christian Thee! An artist who made an art-felt gesture by replicating “Two Riders on the Beach” – a rare Max Liebermann painting that was discovered in a Nazi art trove. Christian Thee’s work of art gave a man with no sight the ability to feel a painting he thought he would never get back. Read more.


Photo of “Two Riders on the Beach” by Jonathan Sharpe for Jasper Magazine left, Artist Christian Thee right


March 18th, Day 2:
 Jamie Blackburn

Meet Jamie Blackburn, an artist who created a painting, inspired by a dream, depicting the B-25 that had ditched into Lake Murray in 1943. Little did he know that he would soon receive validation for his creative vision of the B-25 that was resting at the bottom of Lake Murray. Read more.


The Lake Murray Mitchell B-25 left, Artist Jamie Blackburn right



March 19th, Day 3: Stephen Chesley

Featured artist #3 of #10artists10days is Stephen Chesley. Chesley uses his art to make a statement about conservation. During the centennial of the US Parks, the artist’s emphasis was on Congaree National Park. His charcoal drawings also depict stories of revered South Carolina conservationist and poet Archibald Rutledge in book revisions released by University of South Carolina Press. Read More.

Congaree, Twilight left, Artist Stephen Chesley right

 March 20th, Day 4: Blue Sky


Blue Sky has given his hometown visual personality. By painting murals around town, designing, art directing, and sometimes building installations, he has notably prevented the use of the adjective mundane in this institutional capital city which is anchored by state government, universities, and Fort Jackson. Read More.


Tunnelvision left, Artist Blue Sky right

 March 21, Day 5: Michael Geddings

Michael Geddings gave dignity to the Midlands’ downtrodden with his depiction of a subject who appears to be homeless but who has about him an aura of hope and spirituality. The man may have lost his path– but perhaps not his faith. Geddings’ painting took the top art prize at the 2016 South Carolina State Fair Art Show, he also paints portraits of people and people’s pets – sometimes after the pet or horse has died. Read More.

Artist Michael Geddings with his Best of Show, SC State Fair painting, “Hopeful Soul.”

March 22, Day 6: Pat Callahan

Pat Callahan is an ecology-minded artisan who creates one-of-a-kind jewelry from repurposed and vintage elements as well as reclaimed metal pieces found on her morning runs – and her husband’s walks.

While her recycling won’t be making much of a dent in what Columbians casts off, she certainly has raised ecological awareness among the growing contingent of women – and men – who wear her creations.   Read More.

Pat Callahan, Photo courtesy of Columbia Living Magazine

March 23, Day 7: Roy Paschal
Today is the 7th day of our #10artists10days campaign series, featuring forensic artist and sculptor, Roy Paschal. Roy helped archaeologists in SC recreate the faces of two African American soldiers during the Civil War using only measurements and detailed photography to base his busts off of. Click below to read more about how Roy Paschal’s incredible sculpting helped bring these two men’s stories to light. Read More.
Photos courtesy of Roy Paschal
March 24, Day 8: Kara Gunter
We’re almost done with our installment of the #10artists10days campaign – be sure to stay tuned for the final two posts!  Today, we have our 8th artist, Kara Gunter, who is striving to bring the community of Columbia together through her hand-sculpting artwork.  Check out the article below to read about Kara’s methods of sculpting various symbolic handclasps as well as her heartfelt reasons behind them.  Read more.
Photos courtesy of Kara Gunter
March 27th, Day 9: Heidi Darr-Hope
Heidi Darr-Hope is a local artist who leads cancer patients in activities that promote healing and shifts in their response to disease. She uses art to grow and build community by embracing mindful art practices. Last year, she invited and hosted and Tibetan Monk at the Vista Studios, where those in attendance were introduced to meditation, healing, and how to make sand mandalas. Read more.
March 28, Day 10: Karen Langley 

Our final artist for our #10artists10days campaign is Karen Langley! Karen shared in a sense of loss after receiving a message recounting that a friend’s great-nephew had fallen in the line of patriotic duty. Expressing empathy in the only way she could think of, she offered to paint his portrait – as a gift to the family. Now, with fallen South Carolina heroes as subjects, she has painted more than 40. Read More

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