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TCube Solutions expands to Bull Street with 100 new jobs and $1.7M investment

TCube Solutions, a software services provider has announced that it will invest $1.7 million to move into a new 25,000-square-foot workspace at the First Base Building in the Bull Street development and create 100 new innovative jobs.

“Columbia is a thriving insurance technology hub offering experienced local talent and community resources that continue to accelerate our business growth,” said TCube Solutions CEO, Sam McGuckin. “Specialized educational programs from USC, Midlands Tech and local industry groups help sustain a rich talent pool. We continue to receive outstanding support from local, state and community leaders. We want to especially thank Representative James Smith for helping TCube connect with the many support groups and local leaders that have been so instrumental in our success. Partnerships with the USC Business and Technology Incubator, USC and Midlands Tech enable TCube’s business to thrive in Columbia.”

TCube is a local startup company that was founded in 2007 with the assistance of the University of South Carolina Technology Incubator program. TCube Solutions currently employs 100 people in the United States, and delivers efficient and cost-effective software systems implementation, configuration, maintenance and integration services to insurance industry clients worldwide.

“The City of Columbia is thrilled to see TCube Solutions, a local insurance tech start-up and graduate of the USC Technology Incubator, expand to Bull Street as they continue to grow into a highly successful, innovative solutions provider,” said City of Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. “From their beginnings a decade ago with three employees, their creation of 100 new jobs and $1.7M investment showcases the incredible growth potential of their company. Their commitment confirms that Columbia is indeed a vibrant, world class, entrepreneurial city, and we congratulate them on their continued success!”

“Richland County is proud to support an environment that fosters innovation and encourages the growth of small businesses such as TCube Solutions,” said Joyce Dickerson, chair of Richland County Council.

Click here for more information about Tcube Solutions open positions that are expected to be filled in the first quarter of 2017.

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