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St. Patrick’s Day brings the biggest celebration of the year in Five Points, but this year you can burn off some green calories the day after as a new kind of exercise arrives in the Columbia village.

Certified Instructor Allyson Eidson will teach Fit Columbia’s first pole dance fitness class March 18. Eidson has been teaching pole for eight years, as the exercise has grown in popularity (it has a governing international federation and efforts are under way to make it an Olympic sport). Eidson has participated in numerous pole competitions in addition to teaching.

“I’ve always found it really empowering and body positive,” Eidson said.

Though watching Eidson perform on the pole and seemingly defy gravity makes one gasp in admiration of her strength and skill, pole fitness is something beginners of any fitness level can do.

“When I started, I couldn’t even do a pushup,” Eidson said. “It’s really good for building strength.”

Her expertise allows her to get beginners started and to show more advanced students the higher-level tricks (literally higher-level since some involve climbing higher on the poles).

“We work on spins and stuff as beginners, and obviously we work up from there,” she said.

Fit Columbia Owner Angie Sellers has brought many new forms of exercise to the studio, from aerial and wall yoga to bungee cord fitness to yoga with baby goats.

Eidson, who also teaches aerial at FIt, is certified in Exercise To Music, Pole Fitness and Flexibility. She is also a Pole Dance Community approved instructor and has completed Anatomy & Physiology Foundations for Pole and Aerial.

To reserve your place in an upcoming pole class or any of Fit Columbia’s other offerings, check out the studio’s website.


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