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Summer Days at City Roots Farmers Market

Story and video by Katherine Arata, Caroline Davenport and Dara Khaalid

City Roots Farmers Market has a special way of making summer days organically fun.

Each week there is an array of vendors who come out to sell their locally grown, natural and organic products. Products range from plants, to pasta, honey, body oils and even guacamole. Some vendors have even gone as far as creating a system that allows customers to order summer flowers in the off seasonal, and when summer arrives, their orders are ready for pickup. C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) is a vital part of the vendors’ success at the market.

Customers have a plethora of healthy options to choose from while enjoying their time on the 3 acres of agricultural land. One customer, Miri, explained “I think its really important getting people out here and together. And my niece is two years old and I think its really cool for her to see how food is grown and what it looks like when its growing, and I think that is really important because that is something a lot of people are distanced from.”

City Roots Farmers Market first began in the fall, and is open weekly every Thursday. Additionally, City Roots recently began accepting SNAP benefits program. More information on the market and on City Roots in general is available here.


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