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CMA Hosts Second Annual Soda City Story Slam

The Columbia Museum of Art was full of life on Thursday night as the museum hosted their Second Annual Soda City Story Slam, giving the community vibrant depictions through storytelling arts.

The slam was a continuation of festivities for the museum’s new exhibit titled ReTooled: Highlights from the Hechinger Collection.

Eight storytellers competed for this year’s crown by each sharing a story with the audience that lasted between five and ten minutes. Each performer was scored according to their delivery, content, and connection with the audience.

Many of those who participated used their performance as an opportunity to reach the audience emotionally. Alison Salisbury, who placed first in the competition, captured the audience’s heart with her charisma.

This connection was one of the vital reasons that Shannon Ivey, the Event Facilitator, decided to participate for a second year.

“Often times, we don’t get to listen to people different from us. This is an empathy building art form that fills the gap between the community,” said Ivey.

People from various backgrounds, ages, and races sat side by side listening with empathetic ears to the stories of strangers.

“I anticipated witnessing their self-expression through storytelling,” said audience member Apichai Sotiwong. “We learn a lot about each other this way.”

The exhibit will remain at the Columbia Museum of Art until August 27.



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