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So you got a CD of images from the Photographer. Now what?

The CD of images sits on your desk staring at you. If only there was a place, besides your photographers pro lab, to print off those images! I get this question a lot.

So many of the local print places, like super stores and pharmacy-based convenience stores, offer you a great rate on a 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10 print. However, the quality of the paper and the machine printing that images can be flawed.

When your photographer was capturing that image on his/her professional camera, their settings were just perfect for the style of photography that attracted you to choose them.

Now you want that image to be framed and on your mantle or end table. So, let’s look at a few options you have to get a much better quality print. After all, you did put a lot of time and effort into that photo session.

I have an online photo lab, MPix.com, that I recommend to my clients. If my client has seen their favorite images on my computer screen (during our Ordering Session), then using MPix.com should produce just as beautiful an image when printed! While using an online photo lab can be a bit cumbersome and time consuming, MPix.com has made it a very simple process.


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