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Small Business Cohort

Welcome to our Small Business Cohort! These local businesses are regular investors in Midlands Anchor and the Midlands community at large. Click the logos for more info.

Graphic Communications/ Brand Development

Christina Goodman


Business Management Consulting

Kasie Whitener 

(803) 569-8200


Residential Real Estate

Lauren Halter

(803) 873-8008

Local Bar/ Bottle Shop

Andrew Johnson & Kellan Monroe


Personal Fitness & Health Coaching

Angela Yong Sellers


Photography & Videography

Larry Frazier


Advertising/ Billboards

Hal & Diana Stevenson

(803) 252-7084

Health & Life Insurance

Jeff Howle

(803) 678-8121

IT Management/Website Development

Jeremiah Harvell

(803) 586-5368

Coffee House & Roaster

Nick & Stefanie Hauser

(877) 268-6503

PR and Marketing Consulting; Website; Branding and Lobbying

Ashley Hunter

(803) 665-3676

Bakery and Food Truck

Aimee Edwards

(803) 331-8342

Coworking Space

Greg Hilton


IT Consulting

Zoltan Borbely

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