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Shining a Light on the Lexington County Sheriff’s Foundation

Having just come off a safe and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend in Lexington County, I thought it fitting to share with you information on a wonderful non-profit that strives to help keep Lexington County a great place to live, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Foundation!

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Foundation, or LCSF, was created in 1999 by members of the local community.  These individuals were so impressed with the Sheriff’s Department after participating in one of their Citizen’s Academy programs that they started the LCSF as a way for citizens to support the department’s efforts.

The mission of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Foundation is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Lexington County and to preserve the professional standards and safety of the employees of the Sheriff’s Department through active citizen involvement.

LCSF is a registered 501c3 Non-profit Organization who donates over 99% of the funds raised to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.  Funds are raised through several avenues throughout the year including:

  • Deputy of the Year banquet, which honors outstanding deputies
  • Jailbreak 5K Run, which has become one of the top runs in the area with 723 registered runners participating this year
  • Jailbreak Escape, which is an urban challenge run consisting of obstacles along a 5K course
  • Honorariums, memberships, and private contributions

The money raised goes towards a range of items from as simple as flashlights and equipment to fully loaded SWAT cars and trained patrol dogs.

Jacob Cook is the current President of the LCSF Board, and when asked why he is invested in this foundation over so my other deserving non-profits, he quickly replied, “Seeing the direct impact the LCSF has on our community and responders is the difference maker for me.  Over the past few years, we were able to directly impact the Department’s day to day operations by providing three K9s in 2013, one bloodhound in 2012, an armored SWAT vehicle, training & equipment for rescue missions on Lake Murray and the rivers around Lexington County.”

If you are interested in becoming involved, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Foundation recently opened up a $35 Membership, which connects you to the Foundation and their mission through quarterly updates, discounts off LCSF events, and a decal to proudly display.  More information about the Foundation can be found on their website: www.LexingtonCountySheriffsFoundation.com.

Take a look and see what other citizens and this Foundation are doing for your county.  It is amazing!

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