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The Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission, the Columbia Garden Club and the City of Columbia Forestry and Beautification Division added seven new trees to the Treasured Trees program today at a ceremony at the Governor’s Mansion. During the event, the property owner or the tree’s caretaker received a certificate of recognition.

The newest members of the program are:

  • Sam Clarke, a Sugar Maple tree at 1200 Westminster Dr. and Gervais St.
  • Brennen Gerards, a Monkey Oak at 3712 Yale Ave.
  • Hollis Beach, an American Elm at Belsor Arboretum
  • Linda Mayfield, a Gingko at 712-714 Calhoun St.
  • James Covington, an American Holly at 1541 Adger Rd.
  • Nathan Schoch, a Live Oak at Northwood and Lindsay Street

The Treasured Trees program documents and preserves trees that have significant value to the Midlands area and to promote the awareness, benefits and value of trees to the community.

Featured photo: The property owners and tree caregivers after having received their certificates during the Treasured Trees program.

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