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Seen and Heard: A Look Into the Lives of the Women of the Midlands

On February 1st, 2018, WREN (Women’s Rights & Empowerment Network) will launch their Seen and Heard exhibition at Tapp’s Art Center. The project is a look into the lives of women of diverse backgrounds, gender minorities, and girls from the Midlands area–all told through photographs.

“One of the main purposes of this project is to show what the opportunities and barriers for these women are in their every day life,” says MeganPlassmeyer, WREN’s community engagement coordinator, “we’re using photography as an opportunity to represent what needs to happen in our community and to elevate the voices of women.”

The inaugural exhibit is the beginning of eight other gallery openings–a dynamic series from 40 local, and new, artists. And, if you aren’t an art expert, fear not: “sometimes these conversations about art can be really dry, but with a photo, it’s much easier to understand the story,” says Plassmeyer, “it becomes a lot more impactful and meaningful. With a photo, you’ve already seen the story, or that person’s story has already been told.”

Through this exhibit, the women featured have come together and worked towards a solution; all while building a deeper connection with the arts in the

Artists of Seen and Heard discussing their work.

Midlands, an area that is often not thought of as an art-enriched place. In fact, lack of an arts “scene” is one reason the Seen and Heard project has been created–a lot of the women who are participants had three main issues with life in the Midlands: lack of knowledge when it comes to resources, a lack of affordable childcare, and an interest in growing the public art community.

“Through this project, women were able to unify and open more opportunities for future collaborations,” says Plassmeyer, “hopefully for a stronger arts community.”

The exhibit opens on Thursday at 5:30pm, and is free and open to the public. Seen and Heard will be at Tapp’s through February 22nd. For more information on WREN, visit scwren.org.


All photos courtesy of Mahkia Greene.

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