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SCFB President Harry Ott Responds to Governor Haley’s Veto Threat of Farm Aid Bill

SCFB President Harry Ott released the following statement today regarding Governor Haley’s comments about farmers at the South Carolina GOP convention on Saturday:

“I am extremely disappointed with the governor’s comments criticizing South Carolina farmers and the Farm Aid bill. At every turn, Governor Haley has blocked flood assistance to farmers. She’s clearly implied that farmers made bad business decisions. She’s refused federal assistance that our congressional delegation worked hard to secure. And now, she is calling the Farm Aid bill a bailout, a word often associated with criminals and corrupt hedge fund managers.

“This is not a bailout. Farmers did nothing wrong, and for the governor to suggest otherwise is nothing less than a slap in the face. Farmers are outstanding citizens who provide for our communities, volunteer in our schools, and serve in our churches. And now they need help.

“Farmers did not make bad business decisions; all of the business planning in the world could not have prepared farmers for the historic, 1,000-year flood. The flood devastated farms across our state, threatening thousands of jobs in the agriculture industry and potentially forcing growers into personal bankruptcy. The Farm Aid bill is our last, real chance to help our farmers.

“We hope Governor Haley will reconsider her veto threat to the Farm Aid bill and sign this one-time lifeline into law.”


Haley has said she will veto a bill passed by state legislators which would set aside $40 million to help farmers affected by the floods of October 2015.

South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation has also released a truth verses myths article for those wanting to learn more about the Farm Aid bill. Click here.

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