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Scenario Collective Works to Unite Local Artists

The word “collective,” according to Merriam-Webster, means “denoting a number of persons or things considered as one group or whole.” Columbia’s Scenario Collective is trying to bring local artists together, working, as the definition says, as a group to elevate local culture.

camp khakipants2Scenario contributes to the artist community by booking shows, recording albums and organizing events to showcase talents unearthed in what they call a “diamond-in-the-rough city.”

Recently, the group organized a concert, art exhibition and comic book launch combined into an event called Camp Khaki Pants at Senate’s End near the Congaree River in the Vista.

Local folk musician Stefanie Santana headlined the show, her farewell appearance before launching a national tour with DEN, a Virginia based band which also performed at Camp Khaki Pants.

“The Columbia music scene embraced me in a way I have never before experienced, said Santana. “Now that I’m leaving S.C, I feel privileged to play a show organized by Scenario Collective alongside Molly Ledford.”

Ledford, Mister B, and Billie Fountain also performed at Camp Khaki Pants, which also featured a lemonade competition and a comic book launch by local publisher FRANK Comics.

“Working with the creators in Scenario is perfect for us because both of our organizations are about celebrating fun and celebrating Columbia,” said Shige Kobayashi, a writer for FRANK Comics. The new release, “Dirty Cops,” is billed as a story of “good police who are bad at taking showers.” All FRANK Comics publications are set in the Midlands and are available free online and for purchase at Punk Monkey Comics.

The Scenario Collective members describe the group as “an empowerment exercise, fostering an interconnected group of pulsing hearts and brains yearning to elevate South Carolina’s art and music culture. The mission of the collective is to provide a platform for talented Columbia artists to utilize in a manner of creative expression.”

More information on Scenario Collective is available here.

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