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Sana Arjumnad at the Columbia Art Museum

Recently, at the Columbia Museum of Art, artist Sana Arjumand displayed her exhibition of “Light Begins” during a ‘Meet the Artist’ event. The pieces within the series presented includes “Clarity” (the first piece within this series), “Affinity”, “Glory”, “Pursuit”, “Reflection”, “Trust and Faith” and “Wisdom.” Each piece also includes a hoopoe bird (a bird in the Afro-Eurasia area and is distinguished by its crown of feathers). Arjumand explained the inspiration behind the pieces was the need for something new. She gave detail on how with this series her attempt was to move on from her previous idea of “love” which was present in her past series.
The museum had the event set up like a ‘question and answer’ time with the artist and during this period one visitor asked, “When do the titles come to you?” She then happily responded by explaining how each piece has its own energy based on the way she feels, and almost reflects her life, and that’s how the pieces receive their names.
During the event Arjumand also explained by having her work in the moving Columbia area she hopes her “spiritual pieces impacts the already spiritual Columbia area and community.” She also mentions that she’s happy her pieces have been placed in such a positive and moving area.

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