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Richland Library North Main recording booth offers free creative outlet for local artists

Richland County artists are finding inspiration through their local library. Richland Library North Main provides a free, full-service recording booth for its members to use for anything from producing videos to recording songs.

Music for this video: “Wavy” by MOWA.

In addition to free recording space, the library offers a program called ‘Recording 101’ which provides 90-minute expert-led monthly informational sessions on how to use the recording equipment in the studio.

“We encourage people, especially if they’re new to the recording industry … they can come in and just learn what they can do in our studio,” said Dee Robinson, manager of  Richland Library North Main.

And for local musicians, the library also offers a ‘Finding Your Voice’ program that brings in experts to teach aspiring artists about how to succeed in the music industry.

“We offered them tailored information and provided expert advice on the recording industry, and so they were able to learn … how they can become entrepreneurs,” said Robinson.  “[T]heir craft can be honed into something that’s profitable.”

Lasheila Thomas, a local singer, heard about ‘Finding Your Voice’ when she began using the library’s recording booth to produce an album.

“They answered a lot of questions that I had, they helped me out a lot, they also helped me build up my confidence … I learned a lot,” said Thomas. “If you want to record an album and you want good quality and you don’t know how to do it, this is always a good place.”

Through the library’s programs, Thomas was able to receive guidance from experts like Hippie Torrales, a DJ, producer and Richland Library employee.

“There’s a lot of talent locally, and one thing I always said about anything you want to learn is you don’t know how good you are at it until you try it,” said Torrales.

Torrales uses his knowledge from 45 years in the music industry to inspire members in the community.  “I really enjoy helping people,” he said. “I’ve done a lot of interesting things, but to me this is one of the most, I think, fulfilling because I’m able to one-on-one help the community, and they really do appreciate it.”

For more information about Richland Library or its programs, visit www.richlandlibrary.com.

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