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Public Review of City of Columbia Flag Finalists to Close

The public commenting phase for the new City of Columbia flag will close on Monday, July 10, 2017. To review the finalists, please visit the public commenting site at http://colaflag.org.

The website presents the following information for each of the designs:

  1. A large image of the flag design
  2. The entrant’s concept for the design/symbolism that was submitted with the entry
  3. A 1-10 rating scale (the higher the number, the more the design appeals to you as the new flag)
  4. An area for comments (optional)

The idea to re-imagine the current City of Columbia flag, which was adopted in 1912 after a similar public effort, began after a Columbia Design League presentation featuring vexillologist Ted Kaye, who noted that the City of Columbia flag, like many city flags, didn’t adequately represent residents or follow good flag design principles.

A few months later, the Columbia Design League, in partnership with One Columbia for Arts and History, brought the re-design idea to the City. The public submitted more than 540 ideas for a new flag.

The public ideas were evaluated by members from the North American Vexillological Association, an American and Canadian membership organization devoted to vexillology (the scientific and scholarly study of flags). The designs were evaluated on how well they represented the City of Columbia and their adherence to the principles of good flag design.

In July, a panel of stakeholders and design experts convened by the Columbia Design League will use the information gathered during the public input period to deliberate and recommend one finalist for the new City of Columbia flag. The proposed flag will be presented to the Mayor and City Council for adoption as the new official flag of the City of Columbia in the fall of 2017. The creator of the winning flag design will be awarded a $2,000 prize provided by the Columbia Design League with support from Columbia Flag & Sign Company.


The Columbia Design League is an affiliate group of the Columbia Museum of Art. The group works to educate others about design excellence, emphasize the importance of great design, and to broaden understanding of how good design affects nearly every facet of life. The Design League gathers its membership for an annual series of meetings and welcomes guests and nonmembers with an interest in design. For details, visit www.columbiadesignleague.org or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


One Columbia for Arts and History is a non-profit corporation that works to promote collaboration among citizens, the cultural community, and city government through celebrations of Columbia’s arts and historic treasures. Its goal is to enhance the quality of life for our residents, attract tourist dollars to our city, and further build our vibrant community. In short, it serves as the promotional arm of the City for Columbia’s cultural community. Visit onecolumbiasc.com for a continuously updated master list of art and cultural activities occurring throughout the city.

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