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Pop-Up Drive-In Movie Series Selected as What’s Next Midlands Project

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The idea hub What’s Next Midlands (WNM) hosted a voting event at SOCO Bull Street last night to select an idea that would positively impact livability in the region.

The finalists from this round included a pop-up drive-in movie series, a bicycle co-op and bike drive, a trolley on the Gervais Street corridor, and a pet-friendly business campaign.

Andrew Saleeby was one of the Social Investors in attendance, and commented on the dramatic transformation the region has experienced over the last decade. “This transformation doesn’t occur overnight; it takes every single one of us doing our part to ensure our community is fun, safe, and vibrant for people from all walks of life.  By listening to the residents and leading the charge on community-minded projects, EngenuitySC and What’s Next Midlands are doing more than their part.”  

After an evening of networking, project presentations, and Q&A, the votes were cast and a pop-up drive-in movie theatre was announced as the winning idea, with the Gervais Street trolley as runner-up. The pop-up drive-in will be located at the Historic Columbia Speedway in Cayce. The project will be completed with the help of Historic Columbia Speedway Manager and Owner of Fun Flicks, John Banks, and is expected to include a series of showings over this coming summer.

Banks stated “We’re honored to be selected and even be considered, especially with the other worthy causes.”  Banks commented that he will work with What’s Next Midlands to sufficiently market and promote the movie series in order to draw large crowds and generate revenue. Banks concluded “And please know that revenue will be coming back to this group.”

Saleeby added “Although I didn’t vote for the pop-up drive-in movie theater that won at last night’s voting event, I realize that what I want won’t always have the greatest impact, or affect the most people, and I’m delighted to be a part of something bigger than what any one individual wants.”

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