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Letter to the Editor: Lexington Penny provides Solutions

Lexington County has witnessed strong and continued economic growth driven by our overall quality of life and by our first-in-class school districts.  We may continue to grow well into the next two decades; however, this growth brings with it the responsibility to provide the enhanced infrastructure of roads, water, sewer, and services necessary to sustain and support the residents of our county, now and in the future.

Our County Council has generated a solution that addresses these infrastructure needs, and has proposed  a one penny sales tax  as the source of funds to pay for these improvements.

The opponents of this tax list many reasons why you should not vote for this tax; however, so far in the public debate, I have not read or heard of their plans for addressing these needs.

Their tactics seem fairly clear:  scare the voters with hints of “government-spending-run-amuck” or “secret-behind-the scenes” wheeling and dealing, then point out who you may blame for these scandalous undertakings, thus scaring you into voting against the measure or not voting at all.

Don’t bend to the fear-mongers, don’t listen to the negative rhetoric, don’t buy their lead-to-nowhere arguments!!!

Every business commuter, every mom or dad delivering children to/from school, every business trying to deliver materials/services to their customers, every visitor to this county (they pay sales tax also) know that this solution is the right solution, at the right time, for the benefit of  all citizens of this county.


–Tom Ledbetter, Director of Corporate Services and Vice President/Executive Director of the Enterprise Campus

608 Queenland Court, Lexington  803.466.6992


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