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PBS Legend Roy Underhill to Lecture at the Columbia Museum of Art


On Tuesday, June 27, Columbia Museum of Art will host a guest appearance by PBS legend Roy Underhill.

Roy Underhill hosts the how-to show The Woodwright’s Shop, a PBS staple for more than 37 years and the longest-running woodworking show on television. He formerly served as master housewright and then director of interpretive development for Colonial Williamsburg. Underhill will give a talk in and tour of the exhibition ReTooled: Highlights from the Hechinger Collection, featuring affectionate, sometimes playful tributes to tools as functional objects.

“We are so excited to host Roy Underhill for this unique talk,” says Kayleigh Vaughn, CMA manager of education. “He is such a great combination of educator and entertainer. It’ll be fun to include a PBS legend in our summer programming, one who will bring his trademark charisma, insight, and passion for craftsmanship to the subject of ReTooled.”

ArtBreak is a program that looks at art through a different lens. Each session features a speaker who gives insight into their worldview by sharing their interpretation of works of art at the CMA. The morning begins at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 27, at the Columbia Museum of Art with pastries and coffee sold at the Curiosity Coffee Bar pop-up café.

For more information, visit columbiamuseum.org.

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