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Over one billion emails and passwords discovered in one of the biggest collections of leaked accounts

The cyber security focused company Lockin LLC has put together a searchable database of over one billion email accounts from a wide range of organizations and businesses found circulating the darkweb. The accounts appear to have passwords that are actively in use or have been within the last 6 months. The accounts were compiled from an unknown user. Little is known on how these emails and passwords were leaked.

As most company policies enforce changing emails one to three times a year, this collection could affect a significant amount of accounts, especially if the account owner only changes their password by one or two characters. Cofounder and developer David Johnson was working on the making the database searchable for the public and observed the shocking quantity of information in this leak.

“It’s even more worrisome that after I found my friends and family in the data, the majority informed me that they were currently using the compromised password with their account,” said Johnson.

Data breaches and leaks have continued to grow in severity. This collection continues to show how unprepared agencies and businesses are when it comes to protecting valuable information. “We have been working to inform the public of how much leaked data is being sent around the Internet,” said James Johnson, another cofounder of Lockin, “Earlier this year we started our searchable database named NoSecrets and published 130 million leaked accounts from one of the big three credit score companies that had 330 unique fields. We want people to realize how easy it is for the wrong people to get a hold of personal data.”

The company offers this information along with articles discussing how to become more secure online and other current cyber security related current events. Their goal is to help encourage better internet practices for businesses and individuals. They have also built an online file storage solution called Vault that offers security without the loss of privacy and would help protect the loss of personal data.

To search the latest collection of email accounts, visit https://nosecrets.peerlyst.com/


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