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Our Mission to Connect, Engage and Ignite… With Your Help

Our mission at the Anchor is to connect Midlands communities, spur engagement, and promote a collective voice that will ignite and transform our region. We want that collective voice to include you, and we know it can take many different sounds to make the best harmonies.

It is our goal to bring people together, but that does not mean we expect everyone to agree. One of the things we’d like to promote is the art of civil debate, which often seems lost in the bombast of today’s world of hot takes, unverified statements, and arguments which dissolve into exchanges of insults.

When we cover news stories, we do our best simply to report what happened without bias. When we publish an opinion piece, we’ll always label it as such, and we’ll always be open to a response or rebuttal from someone with a different opinion. As long as everyone is civil and willing to exchange ideas without making personal attacks, with the goal of bringing our community together, any opinion is welcome.

Even in the case of a news story, we know that sometimes despite our best efforts some of you may see a story as favoring one side of an issue over the other. When you feel that way, we want to know. If we’ve made a factual error, we’ll correct it. If one side hasn’t been fairly represented, we’ll happily do a follow-up story to fix that. We’re open to op-eds as well. If you’re interested in writing one, please let us know.

The Anchor isn’t about us. We’re not interested in persuading you to do things our way or forcing our opinions on you. As the mission statement says, we want to spur engagement. So please, engage! Talk to us on Facebook. Email us. Call us. Catch us in person: if there’s an event happening in the Midlands, there’s a good chance one of us is there. We want to know what you think, and how we can bring you the publication you want.


Tia Williams, Allen Wallace and the Midlands Anchor Team

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