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New Data Shows Impact & Contributions Immigrants Have on South Carolina Communities

“Map the Impact” launch & Letter to S.C. Congressional Leaders are Part of a NAE’s National Day of Action taking place today 

(Columbia, SC) – Today, the Partnership for a New American Economy (NAE) launched an interactive online map called “Map the Impact” that showcases new research on the contributions immigrants have on communities throughout South Carolina. Some key findings of this research are included in an open call to action letter to South Carolina’s Congressional leaders highlighting the critical need for action on immigration reform.

NAE is a diverse bipartisan group of more than 500 leaders across the country who support immigration reforms that will help create jobs for Americans. The launch of “Map the Impact” displays the important role immigrants play across our country and is part of NAE’s National Day of Action campaign urging Congress to enact the responsible reforms needed to fix our nation’s broken immigration system. 

In South Carolina this week, NAE is also circulating an open letter among its coalition partners that will be sent to the Members of South Carolina’s Congressional Delegation. This call to action letter on immigration reform urges our state’s representatives in Congress to use Map the Impact so they can see the overall impact of foreign-born residents living in their District. A “New American Economy South Carolina” Facebook page has also been set up for any South Carolinian who wants to join other leaders throughout our state in signing on to this letter. 

Regarding the critical impact of immigration policy on local agriculture, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s Katie Welborn offered this response:  “There is no doubt that our agricultural economy, including our current food supply, depends on immigrant labor.  We support alternative solutions to our current system that provide our agricultural workers–including immigrants– with fair wages, respect, and protection under the law. We need a program for farmworkers that is flexible for both the farmworker and the operator where farmers have the ability to hire farm laborers efficiently and farm workers have the power to choose which farms they want to work with within the United States.”

Making this information easily accessible arms business, civic and cultural leaders with new targeted data on immigrant populations in every state, all 435 Congressional Districts and 50 top metro areas. Featured in an interactive map that includes state- and sector-specific data, NAE’s quantifies each locality’s foreign-born population, tax contributions, spending power, homeownership, voting power and more.


South CarolinaMap the Impact – Statewide Highlights:

·         There are 225,651 foreign-born residents making up 4.7% of the state’s population.

·         Immigrants paid $1.3 billion in state & local taxes and held $4.1 billion in spending power in 2014.

·         Foreign-born workers make up 9% of all entrepreneurs in SC, despite only accounting for 4.7% of the state’s population.

·         With 7.1% of recent home purchases in SC being made by foreign-born immigrants, these 50,255 homeowners are strengthening our state’s home market.

·         Nationally, immigrants are 17.2% more likely to hold an advanced degree than native-born citizens. In fact, the only Fortune 500 Company in SC was founded by a foreign-born immigrant.


Congressional Level – Map the Impact – District-By-District Data:

·         SC 1st Congressional District

·         SC 2nd Congressional District

·         SC 3rd Congressional District

·         SC 4th Congressional District

·         SC 5th Congressional District

·         SC 6th Congressional District

·         SC 7th Congressional District



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New American Economy (NAE) brings together more than 500 Republican, Democratic and Independent mayors and business leaders who support immigration reforms that will help create jobs for Americans today. NAE members include mayors of more than 35 million people nationwide and business leaders of companies that generate more than $1.5 trillion and employ more than 4 million people across all sectors of the economy, from Agriculture to Aerospace, Hospitality to High Tech and Media to Manufacturing.

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