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Musical duo The Reminders performs for CMA Global Sunday

The Reminders, a husband and wife musical duo, performed on Sunday, February 11 at the Columbia Museum of Art. The group was presented by the Baker & Baker concert series, which is part of the museum’s Passport to Art program.

Big Samir, a Brussels-born emcee, and Aja Black, a vocalist and emcee from Queens, combined their unique sounds to create an exciting blend of hip-hop and global rhythms. From verses that were entirely in French, to songs with reggae-influence, to spoken word pieces, the duo was full of surprises throughout their energetic performance.

“We need to focus on the things we have in common, and not our differences,” Aja announced, as she encouraged the audience to participate by singing and dancing along with their catchy tunes.

By the end of the show, a large portion of the audience, children and adults alike, were up at the front dancing with the duo as they performed their last few songs.

This program at the Columbia Museum of Art also included a variety of interactive projects and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. The museum was filled with young, refreshing faces eager to dance and learn.

CMA’s next Passport to Art event is on Sunday, March 11 and is entitled, “Metallic Cityscapes”. This hands-on art project allows families to drop in and explore large metropolitan cities by creating their own metallic cityscape, complete with skyscrapers.

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