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Military expert featured in international TV documentary, “Ancient Assassins”


Colonel Bill Connor, U.S. Army Res., is a featured “expert commentator” for the military documentary program, “Ancient Assassins,” currently airing on the American Heroes Channel (the Discovery Channel networks).

In the new international television series, Connor discusses the campaigns of 4th-century military commander Alexander the Great, specifically Alexander’s operations in Afghanistan comparing them with 21st century operations in that same country.

Connor also provided expert commentary regarding operations during the first Persian Gulf War and drawing comparisons between that war with the wars and feudal campaigns of the ancient Samurai among others.

“I enjoyed working with the American Heroes Channel as it was a great opportunity to share with a global audience my own understanding of military history with all of its little-known anecdotes and nuances which are key to a fuller grasp of the art of war for modern military leaders,” said Connor.

A South Carolina-based attorney and decorated U.S. Army Reserve infantry officer and Ranger (Airborne); Connor is a former senior U.S. military advisor in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He is an expert in counterinsurgency combat and a founding partner of National Defense Consultants, LLC. He presently serves as the South Carolina Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer under FEMA Region 4, Army North; and he is pursuing a Masters in Strategic Studies degree at the U.S. Army War College.

The interviews were conducted, last year, around the world; and for Connor, held just outside of Ft. Bragg, N.C.

[For more information and to view the programs, visit https://www.ahctvgo.com/ancient-assassins/.]

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