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Midlands Kids Recount the Infamous Total Eclipse

While most of us won’t grow tired of discussing our total eclipse experiences for many years to come, our community’s children have an especially gifted way of telling and visualizing last month’s rare scientific event! We hope that you’ll savor the Total Eclipse Weekend that much longer with the help of these testimonials and drawings by Ryan Esper (4), Lillie Hunter (6), and Jenne and Julie Myers (8):


Ryan Esper (4, as transcribed):

“The Moon covered up the sun! We could see a satellite on the side and it was blinking. It was fun!”


Lillie Hunter (6):

“I loved the aclipse. The moon went over the sun and the yellow ball on the sun turnd black from the moon so it lookd like a sun but black in the mittle. There is also somting called a dimind ring. Here is a picture of the dimend ring.”



Jenne Myers & Julie Myers (8):

Twin Sisters Jenne and Julie Myers

“Total Eclipse by Jenne Myers”

Jenne’s Story: The eclipse was amazing to watch and also exciting. We had a hard time finding the glases but we did it. We watched the eclipse at Blaney Elementary school. It was really fun to see it with my family because we were worried we wouldn’t all see it together, but it worked out. I took some pretty good picture’s on my Samsung Elite tablet. When it got dark it felt like it was night time. The last Total eclipse happened at 1918 witch was 99 years ago so that was a once and a life time event. When I put my eclipse classes I could see the moon going over the sun. When it got dark it looked so cool I wished that it could stay dark for the rest of the day. Fire works came off when it became total dark ness. It took so long for the moon to cover the sun. It got cold when the moon had covered the sun. I’m so happy I got some eclipse classes. The most funnest thing was that I got to see the total eclipse with my sister. We had a enjoyable time. I am Jenne Myers and I live in Camden SC and I am 8 years in 3rd grade.


“Total Eclipse by Julie Myers”

Julie’s Story: This was so exciting because  it happens once In a lifetime  after one hundred years. There is two different  kinds of eclipse total eclipse and half eclipse. Half eclipse happens now and then but the last  total eclipse happened  in 1918. That was ninety seven years ago. Now let’s get to what I saw and felt. So the day before the eclipse my glasses all of them had different colors. I picked the one that was black with orange suns that showed what it was going to look like with the moon on it. The rest we’re American flag colors. The next day we had a half day in school but my principal made all the teachers stay to watch the eclipse. My dad got off earlier so he came to our school. We all watched the eclipse. I was all heart felt sitting there with my family. It kept on getting smaller and smaller. Until it got dark with pink clouds and if you even look in your glasses you still can see the sun. By Julie Myers 8 year old in 3rd grade.


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