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Midlands Anchor’s Five Year Anniversary & What Lies Ahead

June 6th marks the fifth year of Midlands Anchor joining the regional media scene, and from all of our staff, interns, and board members, we would like to issue a sincere THANK YOU to our readership for making this possible!  Many of you have followed our launch from a small community blog focusing on the Town of Lexington Vision Plan, to a very active community development medium, to a re-launch and new web platform as Midlands Anchor in 2015.  We are so excited to announce that as Midlands Anchor celebrates its five-year anniversary this week, the publication is shaking up its routine with major changes to its newsletter distribution and personnel.

In the last five years, the Anchor has maintained a heartfelt commitment to showcasing the triumphs and lifestyles of Midlands community members.  When Allen Wallace joined Midlands Anchor’s team as Managing Editor in 2016, our “blog” grew into a full fledge journal with content that rivaled the best media outlets in the regions.  We also developed communications partnerships with dozens of the most ardent community development organizations in the Midlands and expanded our product to bi-weekly newsletters and other multi-media platforms.  In 2017, the publication made major developments with the full time commitment of our CEO and the commitment of a twenty member board of advisors.  Now, as Midlands Anchor reaches its five-year milestone, the publication has exciting changes to announce!  

Midlands Anchor summer interns. Clockwise from left: Dara Khaalid, Anna King, Caroline Davenport, and Katherine Arrata.

1.) You’ll be hearing from us every week now. To further connect engaged citizens through regionally relevant stories, the biweekly Midlands Anchor newsletter will now be a weekly newsletter, released every Tuesday.  

2.) We’ve got some very creative minds helping us. Midlands Anchor has also hired four talented interns through the University of South Carolina to help assemble significant community stories for the weekly newsletter.

3.) We hired our very first full-time employee. In December 2016, Midlands Anchor launched its own Events Page, and in May 2017 hired a full-time Assistant Publisher & Events Manager to act as a liaison between local events and the Anchor’s readership. 

Allison Willingham is the Midlands Anchor’s new full-time Assistant Publisher & Events Manager.

4.) The most exciting change: we have a brand-new weekly Events Newsletter coming out! We are excited to announce that our very first weekly events newsletter will launch on June 8th, and will continue every Thursday into the foreseeable future! Sign up here for the most prominent cultural and professional community happenings. You may also submit a community event (free) using this very easy Event Submission Form

Thank you for supporting Midlands Anchor’s efforts to build a profound and pertinent community publication for the last five years.  We want our stories to inspire a sense of pride and promise for our beloved Midlands community in the same way it does for our team.   We are very grateful for the engaged, active readership we have and are proud to promote a collective voice for the region. As we look toward the next five years, we are eager to continue featuring stories and imagery reflecting the unique heart of our beloved community.  

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