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Midlands Anchor and the Anchor Institute launch “How to Make a City” podcast

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Midlands Anchor and the Anchor Institute launched their new podcast, How to Make a City, with a party at Indah Coffee on Thursday. After kicking off with a live community panel discussion and a celebratory champagne toast, How to Make a City is now available on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast library, and all major podcast platforms.

Upbeat, fun, and informative, the new podcast is produced by Anchor Institute’s Tia Williams and Janet Scouten, both with backgrounds in urban planning, publishing, and city promotion.

The initial episodes explore a wide range of topics with local and national thought leaders, including:


“How to Revive a City”: Cayce Mayor Elise Partin & Memphis Medical District Collaborative President Tommy Pacello (March 8)

“How to Plan a City”: Boudreaux’s Irene Dumas Tyson (March 8)

“How to Train/Make a Workforce”: MEBA Executive Director Mary Wright and former West Virginia Governor Bob Wise (March 8)

“How to Bike a City”: Cola Town Bike Collective’s Scott Nuelken (March 12)

“How to Make a World Affairs Council”: CWAC’s Fred Monk (March 19)

“How to Revitalize a Main Street with a Farmer’s Market”: Soda City Market’s Emile De Felice (March 26)


In addition, Thursday’s live panel discussion for the podcast launch featured Nick Hauser (Indah Coffee), Zack Jones (Cottontown Brew Lab), Kevin Felder, a.k.a. “Big Redd”, and Shennice Cleckley (My Dessert Bar). Moderated by Tia Williams, the discussion explored the power of coffee, beer, dessert, and music in making great cities. The launch party was sponsored by MPA Strategies.

Considering the question of what makes a successful and thriving community, the podcast features not just city leaders, small business owners, and economists, but also artists, musicians, and creatives. In addition to connecting with local luminaries and innovators, How to Make a City reaches beyond Columbia to other mid-sized cities across the world to learn about common goals, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

How to Make a City is produced and presented by the Anchor Institute. A collective of community experts, research associates, and economic development professionals, the Anchor Institutes explores the challenges and opportunities of America’s mid-sized cities. Coming in early 2018, the Institute is both an extension and progression of Midlands Anchor’s mission to connect engaged citizens through regionally relevant stories. The Institute represents a wide range of the Midlands’ best knowledge resources through its Community Advisory Board comprised of 20 local leaders and influencers spanning the business, cultural, historic, non-profit, and educational sectors.

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