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Like a Second Mom, MEBA guides students towards success after graduation

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A mom always wants her baby to grow up to be their best. She doesn’t want her child to struggle. A mom offers sage advice and examples from her own life lessons–sticking her nose into her child’s school activities and friend groups to ensure their upbringing is managed with all the TLC a mother can give.

Serving the region for over 20 years, the Midlands Education & Business Alliance (MEBA) is more than a tool for teachers, a way for businesses to connect to emerging talent, and a field study for students excited to be out of the traditional classroom setting for a few hours, MEBA is also almost like a second mom. It offers the same wrap-around care for each child and sees each student as an individual. It encourages the individual talent to emerge and not remain hidden or worse, lost. MEBA provides a welcome mat to the world, offering concepts about personal responsibility, self-awareness as a citizen, and potential as a financial contributor to society and family are all included on the MEBA path from K-12.

MEBA encourages confidence to pursue what feels natural. It’s the individual talent that is meant to be chiseled and honed throughout adulthood. Like a second mom, MEBA offers early introduction of possibilities and opportunities. As people do, some kids will run towards their skills, excited to share and grow their connection to a larger world outside the comfort of their school. Some will ponder and quietly explore, reflect and participate with reservation in group activities. Both are learning a great deal about themselves, connecting and gaining real world experience. MEBA is part of the journey and transition. Having this second “mom” share sage advice and collective life lessons from adults who journeyed the same career paths offers wisdom that would be challenging to find as an individual.

My own son’s story includes a job shadowing experience during his senior year of high school. Through MEBA, students are encouraged if not mandated to find a half-day real world work opportunity to “gain knowledge.” MEBA stepped into his life and instead of just visiting his mom’s office or a family friend’s job, he was matched with a job shadow opportunity in a career field where he had strong interest. MEBA has the business connections to offer students. Only 11 months after graduating high school and Army National Guard basic training, he felt confident about his career path. That first activity in high school led him to explore career pathway options in the same field he “thought” he might like. He was given a chance to meet contacts in an intentional learning opportunity created through MEBA. Thanks to the business leaders who took the time to share and teach, my son’s jump to a successful school to work transition was accelerated. He’s been hired to work in his chosen field and, in January 2018, he starts his degree in the same line of work. His new employer is excited to have him and my son is excited to put his effort into work that is exactly the path he wants to be on. Between this mom and the MEBA mom, “we did it.” Now, he can do it.


-Doug’s mom

Midlands Education Business Alliance (MEBA) Executive Director, Mary Snipes

Mary invites readers to continue to engage with MEBA’s mission in 2018 by connecting with them at mebasc.com

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