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Lexington Legacy unveiled through Local Legends

Grain Fine Cabinetry and SERVPRO of Lexington welcomed friends, customers and family as they celebrated a joint open house on Wednesday, June 18th. The celebration took place at their newly renovated Mill House offices at 603 and 605 East Main Street. Also in attendance were long time property owners, Sandi Wynn and husband Willie Wynn. Willie, an original member of  the “Oak Ridge Boys”, serenaded the crowd in a very sentimental fashion.

Respectful transition of the properties to commercial use was of grave importance to Sandi Wynn.

Her family, including her grandfather Godfrey Leaphart (“Major”) Harmon, resided in both homes since the early 1900s. According to Wynn, 605 East Main Street (est 1890) and 603 East Main (est 1910) were rented to Mill workers until 1957 when the Old Mill was relocated to Batesburg.

At that time her family purchased the properties and would own them for the next 56 years.

Sandi recalls fond memories of her time in the Main Street houses. Born in 1944, she first lived in 604 East Main Street, which was a small house directly across the street. That land has since been cleared to make room for a strip mall that resides today. In 1957, when she turned 13, her aunt and uncle purchased 603 East Main and her parents purchased 605 East Main. Prior to the purchase, Sandi Wynn also lived in 603 East Main for a short period while the houses were still being rented by the Mill.

Wynn spent much time at and around The Mill, watching her parents work, swimming in the pond, and shopping in the many nearby shops. She mentioned that the she is “surprised and disappointed” more development hasn’t taken place in the area given the beautiful scenery. The current Lexington Vision Plan includes a walkable trail around the pond to promote the paths Wynn and others have used for over a century.

605 East Main was a much larger building and was mostly rented to the “overseers” of the Mill, according to Wynn. At the time of the purchase in 1957, her Uncle paid approx. $2,800 for 603 E. Main and her Parents paid $3,500 for 605 East Main, which was a hefty price tag for a mill worker at the time. But they saw the potential in the homes and the value to their families, so they stretched and made it happen. 

Wynn’s mother, Rhodie Kyzer, was especially important in the maintenance and upkeep of the historic property. Sandi boasts “mom took care of it [605 E Main] as if it were a golden egg”. As the new owner of the property, I can attest an absolute truth to that statement. We were able to save and restore 100% of the original structure, including the beautiful hardwood floors.

Rhodie Kyzer lived in 605 East Main as a child and owned the property from 1957 until the time of her passing in 2012. During most of that time Sandi lived with her mother until she married former Oak Ridge Boys member, Willie Wynn, in 1991 at age 47. Sandi, a lovely and vivacious woman who is known fondly by almost everyone in Lexington, sang with various gospel groups in the Columbia area and frequently came in contact with Willie 25 years prior to their marriage. She said it was 1990 when Willie’s oldest daughter called Sandi to announce that Willie had “become available”. The couple quickly reconnected and have been attached at the hip ever since.

Since 1991, Sandi and Willie have lived in Nashville and Miami, and embarked on many exciting singing tours. After renting the property for several years, they returned to reside in 603 East Main in 2009. Even from afar, Sandi made sure to stay involved with her mother and keep abreast of the development happening in Lexington. In 2010, Sandi proudly recalls encouraging and successfully convincing Highway Executives to re-pave East Main Street. This happened after “calling every three months about various troublesome pot holes”. According to Sandi, the road was so bumpy that the whole house would shake as cars passed by. As she told me this, she noted that it’s always our personal responsibility to “get things done” and not idly wait for change to happen.

As my company, SERVPRO, underwent the process of purchasing the properties, I immediately felt an enormous responsibility to take extreme care of these special homes. Especially after getting to know Sandi and Willie, and their heart for Downtown Lexington, I have felt uplifted and encouraged about the future. The Wynns represent everything that is good, loving and purposeful about our Town. By knowing their story, we should all feel a personal obligation to actively partake in the development of our great community.

We are currently looking for similar professional tenants to lease the properties, hoping to honor the town Vision Plan while maintaining the Wynns legacy. Current residents Grain Fine Cabinetry and our very own Lexington Anchor are leasing part of the space. For more information about the properties, please contact 803-513-8921.


603 East Main Street, Lexington- Newly Renovated For Lease

  • 2 Rooms totaling 284 SF still available (Tenant A)
  • Includes one locked office, an admin area and 211 SF of shared space
  • $600/month. Reduced! Gas, Electric Utilities and Parking Included!
  • Space available for move-in July 1, 2014
  • Year to year lease
  • Call 803-513-8921 for more information

About the Property:

Beautiful, well maintained historic building available for lease. Located directly next to the Old Mill & walking distance to the County Courthouse. Ideal space and location for Attorneys, Realtors or other professionals wishing to build their business in a vibrant growing district of Downtown Lexington. The space will be shared with another professional tenant.


605 East Main Street, Lexington- Newly Renovated for Lease

  • 983 SF– $1200/month
  • Includes private locked offices, admin area and small conference
  • Space available for move-in July 1, 2014
  • Gas, Electric Utilities and Parking Included!
  • Call 803-513-8921 for more information

About the Property:

Beautiful, well maintained historic building available for lease. Located directly next to the Old Mill & walking distance to the County Courthouse. Ideal space and location for Attorneys, Realtors or other professionals wishing to build their business in a vibrant growing district of Downtown Lexington. The space, including conference room, will be shared with another professional tenant. 

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