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Lexington Beautification Moves Forward with “Front Porches”

Everyone knows that first impressions are lasting impressions. The Town is taking truth to that old saying and creating new “front porches” as part of Phase I of the VisionLexington Plan. The first “front porch” will be the I-20/Sunset Blvd. (US 378) Interchange Beautification Project.

The ‘grand’ entrance corridor of Lexington is being funded by a $620,000 grant from SCDOT, Lexington County and the Lexington Beautification Foundation with construction slated to begin in November 2012.

This project, and subsequent locations will be the Town’s way to welcome, invite and share a bit of the character and values that make Lexington a wonderful hometown. The front porches will be beautifully landscaped with new plantings, an entrance gate and fountains. This will be the model used for the smaller locations that will focus on new curbing and planted buffers that separate improved or new sidewalks. Our goal for the future is to have new, raised medians that will divide the boulevards with street trees, flowers, shrubbery, streetlamps and banners which will give a pedestrian scale to the front porches as well as exchange the aesthetic appeal and quality of life for the town.

As the town expands its boundaries, the front porches can evolve to new locations, reflecting the small town charm and the rural, yet progressive, character of Lexington. These centerpieces  will help nurture the vision plan by providing reason and confidence for more investments in the Town of Lexington.

We are ready to welcome residents and guests alike with open doors and beautiful front porches.


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