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Letter to the Editor: A Vote ‘Yes’ for our Children

It is better to not vote than to vote uninformed!  The Lexington District 2 Bond Referendum is a no brainer.  Please listen!  This is NOT a vote on raising taxes.  Your taxes will go up whether it passes or not!

A “YES” vote will allow the district to take out a $225 million dollar loan financed at a low interest rate to be paid over the next twenty years.  This money will allow us to rebuild five outdated elementary schools and make major expansions and renovations to all the other schools in the district.  These improvements will raise our property values, improve the quality of our neighborhoods and community as well as provide a safer, more technologically advanced learning environment for our children.

A “NO” vote will force the district to borrow 8% of the district’s value – roughly $20 million dollars every year at high interest rates to make the necessary “band-aids” to the old schools (which average 56 years of age).

A “NO” vote will result in a larger tax increase at an unpredictable rate!  This route will lead to the continued decline in our property value, will increase the number of rental properties in the district and will be the demise of our community.

Homeowners buy where the schools are good.  Ask any realtor and they will tell you that Lexington 2 is a drive-by district.  Buyers take one look at our outdated schools and drive right on by to the next district.  Our children deserve the best.  Our neighborhoods deserve the best.  If you want to keep property taxes reasonable, increase your property value, improve our schools and save our community, then “YES” on November 4th.


— Jill Libbey

West Columbia


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