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LeadSC: A New Initiative for Young Professionals

South Carolina has a wealth of energy, ideas and passion in the young professionals (YP) organizations throughout the state.  Almost every city has at least one or more YP organizations comprised solely of young professionals; organizations that not only provide a fun, social atmosphere, but truly make an impact in their communities through service, diversity and development.  The future of our state lies within these young professionals. What they have accomplished in their individual communities is remarkable.  Just imagine what is possible when they all have the opportunity to come together.

Quick Facts

Who? Young professionals from throughout South Carolina

What? LeadSC Summit

When? September 17-19, 2014

Where? Columbia Marriott

Why? To encourage communication and motivation and to foster meaningful relationships for a better South Carolina


The Launch of LeadSC

The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and I are excited to be launching an event that is the first of its kind in our state. It’s a statewide young professional summit to be held this September 17th – 19th in Columbia called LeadSC.

LeadSC will unite young professionals with top leadership throughout South Carolina in a dynamic, open environment that encourages personal, professional, and community development.  The LeadSC vision is to encourage communication, leadership and motivation and to foster meaningful relationships for a better South Carolina.


LeadSC Summit

This 3-day event will include a Wednesday night networking reception, followed by a full day of sessions Thursday and a half-day of sessions on Friday, closing with a keynote speaker at lunchtime. It will be hosted at The Columbia Marriott on Main Street.

Professional development will be the core theme of this year’s summit, allowing attendees to build relationships across multiple levels. Wednesday night is a chance to meet and converse one on one with both legislators and fellow young professionals.  Thursday provides a great opportunity to enjoy lunch at a table with major business leaders, to talk with peers from across the state and to learn from industry leaders.

But that’s not all! There will be a variety of sessions for those who want to learn how to run for political office, develop a personal brand to maneuver through transitions in the workplace, and amplify what it is that gives South Carolina a competitive advantage over other states and international countries. Finally, we’ll discuss what South Carolina must do to foster young professional leadership.

If you are interested in attending or sponsoring, please visit us at www.LeadSC.net

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